Sunday, 8 June 2014

Message for Navigators

I have now completed more or less my short history of  modern photography.
Necessity arose in order to suggest new ways of shooting, both in opposition, or in continuation to what has been done.

New generations of shooters flood forums that clearly have little or no notion of it. Landscapes, portraits "pets & brats",  rarely we see more than that, but I hope I showed there has been more to it in Photography, and  its 'young' 170 years.

In parallel, I tried to give an update about the cameras which offer more in new ways of shooting, aka mirrorless, without any brand preference.

For personal reasons I must now leave for a couple of weeks.

My intention is then to make a long deserved feature on Henri Cartier-Bresson, and some little known aspect of his photography, complete with two seminal video interviews.

OTH another feature on technology will cover the budding wearable glasses, like Google Glass, the inexpensive Chinese clone, and an Olympus patent about it. Some forsee that it will be the next big thing in Photo, perhaps displacing other viewfinders. Certainly they will bring us closer to 'automated seeing'! How will we cope with it?

Photokina and new introductions will loom larger afterwards, so there will be new rumors to cover.

A poll in the right column will let me know how things have gone until now. Please help yourselves to it.

I suspect I am followed by a string of happy few, that weave a small web across the continents, notably from the East, and that reminds me to avoid the cardinal sin of being Western-Centric, or so I hope.  East of where, indeed? Welcome, friends.

A feature about the birth of pictographic languages both in the Egyptian Desert and in Asia, might clarify the ancestry of writing by images, and hence of Photography that, according to HCB, is 'Just an automated way to take sketches' :)

Meanwhile the column on the right will keep updating itself, presenting you with what is cool, day by day.
If you like what you see a small donation, or a sponsored buy through the Amazon search box on the right, might give me a seriously needed boost. You can also get Lucy Lippard's Dematerialization of the Art Object from there.

Per Speculum in Enigmate, by amalric in Rome.

Never say never. There is a big gap between Conceptual Art and today. As Photo became the main media for Art, people guessed that 'anything goes'. Responsible for this negative attitude, a falsely democratic one, was Postmodern Photography, which piggybacked on French postmodern philosophers to claim that 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. You can see some examples at the Tate Liverpool where an exhibition of the same name was held as recently as 2013, Check the weird piccies.

Instead I'll argue with Umberto Eco, that there are Limits to Interpretation and that NOT anything goes in Photography, or the Arts.

On the gear side we'll probably have the first user reports of the Panaleica 15mm for m4/3, and that Strange Beast with top resolution, the Sigma Quattro.


  1. Good morning! FYI, I tried to vote, but nothing shows up in the tally.

  2. I changed the widget, and it now works! Thank you for telling.