Rome Photo Walks

Rome Photo Walks - shoot Rome with a difference.

Improve your photography while walking about Rome's most impressive monuments. See new angles and find the meaningful details. Learn exposure and improve your shots.

From 8.30 to 11.30. Or from 16.30 PM to 19.30 PM, each day. 

These pages have some 1600 pictures, and in 7 years time have accumulated  300,000 views. 

From online experience I am used to solve problems for a number of different cameras and brands. I am also familiar with film, and digital post processing.

Choosing the most favourable light and hour for the shot, I can explain the Triangle of Exposure, and other techniques that help you make the most of your camera.

I will also guide you through the town's architecture and its amazing layers of monuments. Showing how the city of Antiquity blends with the Renaissance, and the City of the Popes - go straight to the best spots if you have a few precious hours,  and get the right frames and the best angles.


100 EU for 1 photographer
145 EU for 2 photographers
175 EU for 3 photographers
200 EU for 4 photographers

I am also available for vacation and environmental portraits, engagement pictures, etc. Please enquire for fees.

Reach me at:


  1. Amalric where do you find the time? Do you work for Poste Italiane? Or for Napolitano?

  2. A great idea. Even though I've shot in Rome many times I'll be in touch on my next trip to see what a true expert can show me. Love it.

    1. Thank you, I liked v. much your street shots in Rome, you got the knack of it.
      So it will be a honour.