Friday, 21 February 2014

The Strangest Camera today: the Sigma Quattro

Some will remember the clumsy view cameras of the last public parks photographers, which harkened of calotypes and the beginnings of photography. Here it is:

In fact it is quite the opposite: the Sigma Quattro has the latest of sensors, called the Foveon (Fovea=human eye). The three primary colours, red green and blue, instead of being placed in a mosaic, like in the ordinary Bayer sensor, are placed in three layers, a bit like in the human eye, thus guaranteeing a superior clarity.

In fact you have to multiply per two its resolution to compare it to another camera. Don't believe me? Here above is an English country church by D. H. Wright that I found on flickr.

The oblong shape of the Sigma terminates in a lumpy grip, which houses a big battery, the Foveon being power hungry.
There are two buttons that are welcome in an Art Camera: the Auto Focus button, and the AEL button, Automatic Exposure Limit, which both allow the Photog to choose precisely his bearings in the Scene.

The Sigma is not an interchangeable lens camera. To the opposite it come in three flavors, or better, focals. A wide angle one, a normal one, and a small tele model. So you should have a bag to fit all three, in case. I am interested only by the landscape one, so no harm done!

The reason? Sigma says that it is the only way to optimize the cross resolution between the sensor and the lens.
You can check the data of the camera below. It will be in the shops this Summer 2014, and I will give you some shops were to get it. 

The best resolution of the industry, for a price that should be below 1000 $, if it is based on the same price of the earlier models.

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