Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Message to Navigators

Hello, long time no see :) As you noticed the refresh rate of posts has declined considerably since last June.

That is a period I have been in and out of hospital for some checks, and I will have to undergo some surgery soon. So this  has prevented me to update this blog.

The post about the GM5 will probably be my parting gift for the next 2 months.
I have my sights on the Sony A7 II and the A9 with Sony's 50 Mpx sensor. January will seee the new EM-5 II. There might be also a fixed lens Olympus

However here was also another motive for slowing down the blog. In 8 months existence, I haven't seen a single cent, either in donations or Amazon commissions, despite messages of support.

I think that most don't understand the nature of Internet work: it is not free, it must be paid somehow. The advantage is a large public doesn't need to pay much, but some it must, otherwise the flowers will wither.

So, after convalescence I'll have to take some decisions. Perhaps to beef up the Amazon regional access, say add the  Italy logo, explore AdSense icons, or  beef up camera reviews, but password protect them.

Meanwhile you could decide if you want to do a donation for the past blogs.

Next, I have in mind a new long post about the Oriental Landscape tradition, which is very different from the Western one. It is indeed related with the buddhist and taoist tradition of hermits, and Wu Wei - the spontaeous mindless activity of nature. Instead of linear perspective, it relies on atmospheric perspective, the same we had in Europe before Giotto. It is centered on mountainous landscapes, sinking in fleeting mists, as seen by the hermits. Can photography convey such deep feelings?

So if all goes well, we'll have some very interesting stuff for January of February. Meanwhile please enjoy what has already been done, and think about how to finance the blog. I am open to suggestions, since in the same period I'll have to take decisions on how to modify the blog.

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