Monday, 10 March 2014

the gasometer

P2162363 by amalric
P2162363, a photo by amalric on Flickr.


  1. I've been puzzling over your photographic style for a long time, flipping through your Flickr shots, trying to figure out if there was a unifying theme of some sort. Looking at this photo, along with your article on Rodchenko, and the rooftop photos, and the motorcycle photos, it finally occurred to me that you have a very Modernist aesthetic. You've told me you are a writer, but I don't know your style/genre, so now I'm curious if this is something that is pervasive in all your creative endeavors, or just in your photography, or a mistaken assessment on my part.

    Which makes me wonder what my style is. Looking at my own Flickr, it looks like almost every subject is treated like it is a portrait. Hmmm...

  2. When I began to use a camera again 7 yrs. ago I set myself a simple task - to document the city, by neighbourhoods, and by its inhabitants. It is a v. ancient city, mother of all the (Western) Arts, therefore I was using initially a Naturalistic approach. Street shooting however has brought me to a more avant garde approach, since composition went out of the window. My contacts in flickr have also steered me to a more radical approach. We'll see what comes out of it, but don't be afraid to contribute if you come out with original texts, reviews or piccies. Use the email facility, and I'll publish them as author's contributions.
    Plan is to show new ways of photography, and only a little of interesting gear, reversing what happens in most sites.

  3. >Plan is to show new ways of photography, and only a little of interesting gear, reversing what happens in most sites.

    Good idea. Being able to do new things with existing equipment is probably more exciting than getting new equipment.

  4. We've lived through two different periods: one when photography became Art in the galleries, and a second one of Digital, where it has grown in the Web, until image has soaked everything.

    I find it useful to revisit past tendencies, in order to understand what will happen next, especially Surrealism and Burroughs, who was perhaps the most extreme in separating image from its representation as a painting - in a pictogram.

    Image and text - in a hypertext . are therefore a form in itself in the era of Globalisation - not only a vehicle. Equipment one can imagine as a scanner.